Something of that Ilk?
I first heard the phrase from an old friend of mine. It's another way of saying, "something like that." Or something to that degree.

What's it all about?
I strive to make fun of as much as I can. If I offend you or something you stand for, you should learn to laugh at yourself.

How often do you update?
I try my absolute hardest to push five out per week. Occasionally, when school and work gets demanding, I may have to sink down to single-panelers until things clear up.

Can I call you Tyler?
No. No you may not. In fact, it is extremely unlikely that I will answer your email if you do so.

Can I give you my money?
If you really want to. I do generate some revenue from hosting ads, but I will certainly not decline any donations you decide to throw my way. Being a college student, anything is always appreciated. Even pizza. Especially pizza.

You said you're in college. What for?
I'm currently a senior in both Computer Science and Mathematics. If you never want to see the light of day again, follow in my footsteps.

How can I contact you?
Please direct all emails, fan mail, hate mail, business-related mail, junk mail, walls of text, unnecessarily large files, conspicuously zipped viruses, pictures of your vacation in Aruba, links to YouTube videos that I've already seen, and scanned images of your face in a copier to somethingoti@gmail.com. I may actually reply if it passes my "does this message contain promises of free, unconditional money" test.

Can I post your content in my blog/newsletter/magazine/hit television series?
If you plan on collecting revenue, shoot me an email first. Otherwise, just give credit where credit is due. That's all I ask.

Ads? Really?
Really. As a college student with hopes of one day going to grad school, coming up with money is hardly an option. If you really don't want to see the ads, maybe consider dropping in a small donation. Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Is there a story behind each of your comics?
Not usually. A lot of the time I'll be in the shower or having a pretty extreme cup of coffee when an outrageous thought enters my mind. 90% of the time it's something I hope to never make other people think about, so those are repressed from entering the public domain (you're welcome). If a character is wearing a vibrant, green shirt and has blonde hair, it's a (mostly) true story. Example.

What's the deal with Catface?
Catface is a miserable, unfortunate character that serves little to no purpose. He is what I like to call a "calamity magnet." Nothing good ever happens to Catface. And I hate him. I should clarify that he is not related to Cat Face from Weebl's Stuff, despite both of them having a tendency to float.

You look too much like Cyanide and Happiness. I hate you.
I enjoy Cyanide and Happiness, but I'm not trying to imitate the authors' drawing style or sense of humor. That's not to say that they don't rub off on me. Every webcomic I read influences me in at least some way, but saying that I'm trying to imitate or be the next C&H or XKCD is just a tad wrong. I'm also not an artist and I have very little patience and time to produce well-drawn, detailed figures. In short, my drawing style is very simple, and coincidentally slightly resembles C&H characters. Just for the record, I drew characters in my class notebooks similar to the ones you see now years before I ever read one of their comics. End rant.

Which webcomics do you read?
Glad you asked! Here's a list of the things at which I chuckle.

Will you add me as a friend on Facebook/Google Plus?
Probably not. Nothing personal.